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Edward Boches was an award winning copywriter, creative director and chief innovation officer at Mullen (now MullenLowe), an ad agency he helped shape and build over 30 years.

Upon retiring in in 2013 he turned his creative energies to teaching and ultimately to documentary photography, where his primary interest lies in exploring how contemporary America lives, works and plays.

Recently, in response to the divisive economic and political climate, Boches has sought out communities and subcultures that bring people together, photographing urban skate parks, hip hop dance crews, inner city boxing gyms, family farms and farmers' markets.

In spring 2018, the first chapter of his ongoing project Seeking Glory, which celebrates the courage and strength it takes to be a fighter, was exhibited as a solo show at the Griffin Museum’s SoWa gallery and subsequently featured in Stand Magazine. Other work has shown at the Griffin Museum in Winchester and the Providence Center for Photographic Arts, and has appeared in the Lowell Sun, on the Social Documentary Network and in numerous other media.